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LOFS Vlog: Sarah Mukherjee

Sarah Mukherjee shares with farmers why it's so important to open your farm for LEAF Open Farm Sunday.

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Ploughing through Brexit: Connect consumers with farming on LEAF Open Farm Sunday

Brexit makes opening your farm for LEAF Open Farm Sunday even more important than ever, according to Ian Pigott and Jeremy Padfield, two farmers who regularly open their farm for farming’s annual open day – this year taking place on 9th June. Listen to this 27 minute podcast to find out more.

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Year on year increase of farm sign-ups for LEAF Open Farm Sunday

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) are encouraging more farmers to seize the opportunity to connect with the consumer and build loyalty and support for British farming. The call for more farmers to register for LEAF Open Farm Sunday comes as it’s announced the number of farmers already committed to hosting events is up 10% on this time last year.

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BLOG: Sarah Mukherjee, CEO of the Crop Protection Association (CPA)

Sometimes it might not seem like it, but there really is a huge public well of support for farmers. Whilst there’s a vocal minority active on Twitter, the vast majority of UK consumers support our farmers and value UK produce.

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BLOG: Being a food-producing celebrity for a day

Our Cow Molly is a working dairy farm four miles from Sheffield city centre and on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Here Eddie Andrew shares their story of taking part in Open Farm Sunday.

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BBC South Today News

Regular LEAF Open Farm Sunday hosts, the Bennett family welcomed David Lumb of BBC South Today to Sandy Lane Farm, Oxfordshire, to report on how it is critical that farmers connect the public with farming and take part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday on 9th June 2019.

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LOFS Vlog: Abi Reader

Abi shares with farmers why its so important to open your farm for LEAF Open Farm Sunday and how she does it!

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LOFS Vlog: Teresa Pickworth

Teresa shares how hosting a LEAF Open Farm Sunday event has enabled them to diversify their farming business and she gives practical guidance on how to host a farm walk and open event.

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LEAF Open Farm Sunday is Best Public Access for Public Goods says Chief Executive

LEAF Open Farm Sunday is the single most effective and supported way for farmers to provide public access, said Caroline Drummond, LEAF’s Chief Executive, in an exclusive interview this week (16.01.2019) with Rock and Roll Farmer, Will Evans. Emphasising the benefits of opening the UK’s farm gates for ‘managed’ visits to the countryside – the ‘access to all’ proposed in the new Agriculture Bill - the organisation’s chief also said it is essential for winning over public minds for public money.

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LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2019 - Make a date to get closer to farming on 9th June

On Sunday 9th June, farms across the country are opening their gates and inviting the public to come and find out more about farming and what farmers do. LEAF Open Farm Sunday has now been running for 14 years, offering a wonderful opportunity for visitors to get closer to farming and to the people that make it happen.

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Farmers are having huge impact on public perception, LEAF Open Farm Sunday figures reveal

Farmers who invite the public onto their farms are having a lasting positive impact, with nearly 90% of visitors in 2018 saying it has changed the way they think about farming.

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LEAF Open Farm Sunday announces plans to support new host farmers

LEAF has today announced new plans to support host farmers opening their gates for the first time for LEAF Open Farm Sunday.

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Record Visitor Numbers for 13th LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018

Final visitor numbers for LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018 released today (9th July), show that this annual event is now more popular with the public than ever before. LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has announced that a total of 293,650 people visited a farm on Sunday 10th June 2018. This is 2,254 more visitors than the previous record, which was achieved in 2015.

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British weather (and more) puts damper on outdoor enthusiasm

While most of us agree that we feel better after being in the countryside, it seems that we need the sun to shine before we are prepared to venture out. In a survey for LEAF Open Farm Sunday, half (51%) of respondents said that they are put off spending time outside because it’s too cold, 45% because it’s too wet and a quarter (23%) because it is often too muddy.

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Stressed millennials shun the outdoors

More than half of 18-24 year olds report feeling stressed at least once a day | Main causes are money, work, future prospects | Top de-stress activity is watching a film/TV

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Inspire the Next Generation About Farming - Register for LEAF Open Farm School Days

Educating and engaging with young people about farming is vital for both their futures and that of British farming. This June, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is calling on farmers to get involved in Open Farm School Days to inform and inspire the next generation about farming and all it delivers.

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New resources launched for LEAF Open Farm Sunday hosts including new ticketing system

Ahead of LEAF Open Farm Sunday (10th June), organisers LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has launched a range of new resources and announced a new ticketing system to help farmers plan and control the size of their event. Once again LEAF are offering all host farmers a range of free promotional materials including posters, leaflets and flyers, branded polo shirts and hi-vis vests. To make ordering easier, farmers can order their printed resources in packs suitable for events of various sizes - small (up to 50 visitors), medium (50-250 visitors), or large (over 250 visitors).

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UK food and farming sector unites for LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018

With public access to the natural environment very much on the agenda, LEAF Open Farm Sunday is once again at the forefront of uniting the UK food and farming industry to demonstrate to the public all that British farmers deliver. This key industry initiative is unique in bringing together partners from across the whole food and farming sector for a day of celebration - from farmers and processors through to retailers and associated organisations.

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BLOG: Publicity for your LEAF Open Farm Sunday event

Jo is LEAF's Open Farm Sunday Regional Co-ordinator for the South East and here she shares her ideas and experience on how to publicise your LEAF Open Farm Sunday event.

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Open letter to press from LEAF Open Farm Sunday Manager

British farming has got so much to be proud of. The integrity of British produce has never been greater. Yet many people still have little understanding of where their food comes from or how farming impacts on their lives. This can lead to misconceptions, unnecessary concerns and an undervaluing of what farmers do.

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BLOG: Getting Started with LEAF Open Farm Sunday

Philip runs the family farm in west Herefordshire. The farm specialises in herbage, cereal and vining pea seed production and has a herd of single suckler beef cattle. Philip's wife Heather runs a mail order Birdseed (all supplied and packed by the farm) and ancillaries business, Wiggly Wigglers together with a mail order florist, The Great British Florist, supplying UK grown flowers only, some of which are grown on the farm.

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LEAF Open Farm Sunday visitor survey confirms positive impact

The results of the LEAF Open Farm Sunday visitor follow-up survey, released this week, highlight how important public access onto farms is to how consumers view British farmers and farming.

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LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018 - Be part of The Great British Farm Day

With registrations for LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018 due to open on the 1st November, we announce a new theme for next year’s campaign, as well as plans to increase support for host farmers.

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HRH Countess of Wessex attends farming teenage debate

HRH Countess of Wessex was amongst the attendees at the LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Education and Public Engagement Conference last week. LEAF’s Honorary President joined growers, retailers and industry representatives to explore practical and effective solutions to help reconnect teenagers with farming.

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Farmers Stand Proud on LEAF Open Farm Sunday

The public showed its support for British farming en masse last weekend with over a quarter of a million people visiting farms for LEAF Open Farm Sunday. Initial estimates from organisers LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) indicate that over 250k people spent the day at one of the 358 farms across the country that hosted an event, with many farms reporting higher than expected figures.

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Leckford Estate Sees Royal Visit for LEAF Open Farm Sunday

On Sunday 11th June, HRH The Countess of Wessex, LEAF’s Honorary President, visited The Waitrose Farm, Leckford Estate for Open Farm Sunday.

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Farmers call on consumer support in face of Brexit

New research reveals consumers are more concerned about how Brexit will impact the price and choice of food available than they are about the implications for British farmers.

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Make a date to discover the world of farming

On Sunday 11th June 2017 hundreds of farms across the UK will throw open their gates to welcome the public and showcase the fascinating world of farming.

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Help build public trust in farming on 11th June 2017

Chief Executive Caroline Drummond MBE encourages farmers to open for Open Farm Sunday 2017.

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Hot off the press

The campaign for Open Farm Sunday 2017 is off to fabulous start with the farming press getting right behind our push to encourage more farmers to open for Open Farm Sunday on 11th June 2017.

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LEAF calls on farmers to stand proud on Open Farm Sunday 2017

‘Open your gates for next year’s Open Farm Sunday on 11th June and proudly show the public all that you achieve and the breadth of goods and services you deliver.’ That’s the message to farmers from LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), as registrations for Open Farm Sunday 2017 open on 1st November.

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Open Farm Sunday continues to drive forward public engagement

Farming's national open day continues to drive forward public engagement with farming and food production.

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Open Farm Sunday 2016 – Public engagement reaches new high

Visitors to Open Farm Sunday once again exceeded over a quarter of a million. 85% increase in Open Farm Sunday Facebook followers. #OFS16 trended on Twitter on Open Farm Sunday

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Consumers lacking knowledge to support British farmers

Half of consumers think we should produce more food in Britain, but 95% are unaware how much food is already grown here. More than a quarter say they buy more British food than they did five years ago, and the same number are happy to pay more for British food. Many consumers still struggle with basic food knowledge: nearly a quarter of consumers do not know eggs come from chickens, or that bacon comes from pigs

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Consumers unaware of farming’s scope and value

Two thirds of consumers are unaware farmers grow crops for medicine, cosmetics, rope and paper. Over 90% of consumers are unaware how much UK land is used for agriculture and the value of the sector to the UK economy. Less than half of those questioned realise that farmers care for and manage the countryside

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Top Food and Farming organisations back this year’s Open Farm Sunday

Top names from across the food and farming sectors are once again, united in their support of Open Farm Sunday – farming’s national open day. Organisers LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), has announced long term supporters, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Arla Food, Asda, BASF, Defra, Frontier Agriculture, John Deere, LEAF Marque, Marks and Spencer, National Farmers’ Union, Tesco, The Co-Operative Food and Waitrose will once again, be supporting the initiative. In addition, two new sponsors – cereals brand, Jordans and retailer, Sainsbury’s, are also sponsoring Open Farm Sunday 2016.

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New farm science resources announced for host farmers

BBSRC has funded three new public engagement projects to produce on-farm activities that will inspire and educate people about the science behind farming and food production. The activities will be used by farmers and visiting scientists at LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday on 5 June 2016.

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