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Teresa Pickworth, Whitacre Hall, Coleshill, West Midlands

Teresa Pickworth and her husband Carl farm Whitacre Hall, near Coleshill in the West Midlands. The 380 acre arable farm is working towards gaining mid-tier stewardship, with ancient woodland, ponds and traditional English bluebells just some of the features on the farm which they want to share with visitors. They took part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017.

Nick Hendy, Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm, Langford Budville, Somerset

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm is a family run 40 acre farm near Langford Budville in Somerset. Always looking at ways to make the business stand out from their competitors and help boost sales, the Hendy family, Reg and Ann, and their sons and daughters-in-law Shaun & Trudy and Nick & Clare, opened for LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017. Here Nick tells us why they decided to take part and how it has benefitted the business.

Philip Chamberlain, Crowmarsh Battle Farms Ltd, Oxfordshire

Philip runs a 3,200 acre arable farm south east of Oxford, growing a range of combinable crops. He has been hosting visits to his farm since 1996 and each year hosts an 'invitation only' Open Farm Sunday event.

Ian and David Collison, J A Collison & Sons, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Ian, Diane and Philip Collison from family-run cut flower supplier, J A Collison & Sons decided to keep their Open Farm Sunday event small and simple.

Michael and Amanda Dakin, Masson Farm, Derbyshire

Michael and Amanda Dakin run a small, mixed 88 hectare dairy farm with 95 dairy cows and 110 followers including a beef herd. They took part in Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2012 and have recently started to host school visits through HLS.

Nick and Claire Bragg, Frogmary Green Farm, Somerset

Nick and Claire Bragg farm 500 acres, growing potatoes for supermarkets, maize and grass for fodder, but their main ‘crop’ is chickens! They currently produce some 700,000 broiler chickens for Sainsburys to the Freedom Food – RSPCA welfare standards. They regularly host school visits through HLS for schools, local interest groups and farmers. They held their first Open Farm Sunday event in 2012.

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