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Case Stud­ies

We have a wide range of case stud­ies, vlogs and blogs from farm­ers across the UK who have tak­en part in LEAF Open Farm Sun­day. Scroll down to read or lis­ten to their sto­ries below.

Tere­sa Pick­worth shares how she organ­is­es a farm walk for LEAF Open Farm Sunday:

Jean Glennie, Hill of Ardo

For members of the public, the word ‘Christmas’ is rarely mentioned in June, but at Jean and Roger Glennie’s Open Farm Sunday event at Hillhead of Ardo in Methlick, Aberdeenshire, the festive period is a key focus with the aim to educate the local community on the ‘farming’ side of Christmas. Here, Jean explains more…

Didcot Farm, Dumbleton

Tanya Robbins, along with husband Tom run a herd of 30 beef suckler cows, flock of 300 mule and 300 easy care ewes, plus 300 acres of arable land near the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire border. With a real passion for promoting the agricultural industry, Tanya signed up to take part in her first LEAF Open Farm Sunday in 2017 and is now a strong advocate for the annual event. Here are her reasons for getting involved

Uncle Henry’s, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Uncle Henry's is a family run farm shop, butchery and café at Grayingham Grange Farm where they grow wheat and barley alongside rearing pigs. Uncle Henry’s have taken part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for 13 years. Emma Jones is the PR & Event Manager at Uncle Henry’s and here she shares their experience and details how they organise their event.

River Croft, Farr, Inverness-Shire

River Croft is a 22 acre croft in the foot hills of the Monadhliath Mountains. For the last 4 years, Michelle and her husband have bred and raised pedigree Oxford Sandy & Black pigs to pork weight, Greyface Dartmoor sheep and Cayuga ducks. They held their first LEAF Open Farm Sunday event in 2017 and in 2018 started using the ticketing service to effectively manage visitor numbers.

Ali Capper, Stocks Farm, Herefordshire/Worcestershire

Ali Capper runs Stocks Farm, a 200 year old hop and fruit farm on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border, in partnership with her husband and father in law. The farm has been in the Capper family for more than half a century and is proud to be one of the UK's leading hop producers. Part of their commitment to farming sustainably is to develop the family business in a way that involves and benefits the local community. Getting involved in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017, was a key part of this. Ali Capper tells us more…

Teresa Pickworth, Whitacre Hall, Coleshill, West Midlands

Teresa Pickworth and her husband Carl farm Whitacre Hall, near Coleshill in the West Midlands. The 380 acre arable farm is working towards gaining mid-tier stewardship, with ancient woodland, ponds and traditional English bluebells just some of the features on the farm which they want to share with visitors. They took part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017.

Nick Hendy, Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm, Langford Budville, Somerset

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm is a family run 40 acre farm near Langford Budville in Somerset. Always looking at ways to make the business stand out from their competitors and help boost sales, the Hendy family, Reg and Ann, and their sons and daughters-in-law Shaun & Trudy and Nick & Clare, opened for LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017. Here Nick tells us why they decided to take part and how it has benefitted the business.

James Lumley, Oldershaws of Moulton Ltd, Lincolnshire

Oldershaws of Moulton Ltd is a 2,000 acre business growing onions and shallots for Moulton Bulb Company Ltd in addition to processing and packing potatoes and other traditional Lincolnshire crops of winter wheat, peas and sugar beet. Potatoes go to all major UK supermarkets including Asda, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and the Co-op. As part of the farms overall strategy to become more customer driven and improve transparency with customers, the farm opened for LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017. Farm Manager, James Lumley explains more…

Carolyne and Somerset Charrington, Treshnish Farm, Isle of Mull

The Charrington family have been farming at Treshnish since 1994, and since then, they have seen the bio-diversity and wildlife improve dramatically. Treshnish is a hill farm with a flock of around 550 Blackface, Cheviot and a few Herdwicks ewes. It is managed to protect and encourage biodiversity. We have a small herd of cattle which graze during the summer months. We make bird friendly late cut silage and do not use artificial fertilisers.

David and Joanna Lomas, Street Farm, Tarvin, Cheshire, North West

David, Joanna and their son, Michael run Street Farm in Tarvin, Cheshire - a family-run dairy farm selling milk to a commercial dairy in Manchester as well as directly from the farm gate through a vending machine. The family had never opened the farm before and took part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017. Here, Joanna shares with us their first experience of hosting a LEAF Open Farm Sunday event…

Philip Chamberlain, Crowmarsh Battle Farms Ltd, Oxfordshire

Philip runs a 3,200 acre arable farm south east of Oxford, growing a range of combinable crops. He has been hosting visits to his farm since 1996 and each year hosts an 'invitation only' Open Farm Sunday event.

Ian and David Collison, J A Collison & Sons, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Ian, Diane and Philip Collison from family-run cut flower supplier, J A Collison & Sons decided to keep their Open Farm Sunday event small and simple.

Nick and Claire Bragg, Frogmary Green Farm, Somerset

Nick and Claire Bragg farm 500 acres, growing potatoes for supermarkets, maize and grass for fodder, but their main ‘crop’ is chickens! They currently produce some 700,000 broiler chickens for Sainsburys to the Freedom Food – RSPCA welfare standards. They regularly host school visits through HLS for schools, local interest groups and farmers. They held their first Open Farm Sunday event in 2012.

Ross Mitchell, Castleton Farm, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Ross Mitchell runs Castleton Farm near Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire, with his parents and wife Anna. Castleton Farm is a 710 acre family run business devoted to fruit production growing strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blueberries, supplying leading supermarket chains such as Tesco and Marks & Spencer. There is also a thriving Farm Shop and Café selling home grown fruit and locally sourced produce. Ross tells us about why he got involved with Open Farm Sunday for the first time last year and shares some of his personal top tips for a successful event…

Jamie McCoy, Gorwel Farm

Jamie McCoy and her partner Deian Evans run Gorwel Farm in Bryngwyn, West Wales. Gorwel is a family farm, milking 170 dairy cows on an autumn calving grass-based system, they have a flock of 150 commercial sheep, and a very small pig enterprise. Jamie also works off the farm for AHDB Dairy supporting dairy farmers to improve business competitiveness and is our LOFS Coordinator for Wales. Here is her story…

Jamie McCoy, Fferm Gorwel

Mae Jamie McCoy a'i phartner Deian Evans yn rhedeg Fferm Gorwel ym Mryngwyn, i'r gogledd o Gastellnewydd Emlyn yng Ngheredigion, Gorllewin Cymru. Mae Gorwel yn fferm deuluol, yn godro 170 o wartheg godro ar system wair lloea yn yr hydref, gyda chyfleusterau newydd i roi'r gwartheg dan do dros y gaeaf. Maent yn falch o gyflenwi'u llaeth i Arla, yn ymboeni'n fawr am ddelwedd ffermio gwartheg godro ac yn awyddus i weithio gyda'u cymuned leol i rannu'r hyn maent yn ei wneud gyda phobl eraill. Hefyd, mae ganddynt ddiadell o 150 o ddefaid masnachol, a menter foch fach iawn. Mae Jamie yn gweithio oddi ar y fferm hefyd i AHDB Dairy yn cynorthwyo ffermwyr llaeth i wella'u cystadleurwydd busnes. Roedd cymryd rhan yn nigwyddiad Dydd Sul Fferm Agored LEAF am y tro cyntaf yn 2016 yn estyniad i ymrwymiad Jamie i gyfathrebu ynglŷn â ffermio. Dyma ei stori...

Andrew Bailey, Moulton College, Northants

Moulton College in Northamptonshire currently farms 509 hectares. All this land is farmed commercially and used extensively for teaching purposes to support the college’s aim of providing high quality, practical education and training with a commercial focus. Crops grown include winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, malting barley, short and long-term leys and stubble turnips for autumn sheep. Whilst the college is often open to the public for careers evenings, before taking part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday in 2017, the farm itself had not opened to the public for a number of years. Andrew Bailey, Assistant Director of Student Services, explains more...

Abi Reader, Goldsland Farm, Glamorganshire

Abi Reader is a third generation dairy farmer who manages a herd of 180 Holstein Friesian and Dairy Shorthorns in Glamorganshire, South Wales. Abi always looks for ways to educate people and has mentored many agricultural and veterinary students on Goldsland Farm, Wenvoe. For someone who claims she is ‘not really a people person’, her passion for finding ways to reach out to consumers is remarkable – including speaking with Chris Evans live on his Radio 2 breakfast show! Here’s her story about taking part in LEAF Open Farm Sunday for the first time…

Abi Reader, Fferm Goldsland, Sir Forgannwg

Mae Abi Reader yn ffermwr godro trydedd genhedlaeth sy’n rheoli buches o 180 o wartheg Holstein Friesian a Gwartheg Godro Byrgorn yn Sir Forgannwg, De Cymru. Mae Abi yn chwilio am ffyrdd i addysgu pobl o hyd, ac mae wedi mentora llawer o fyfyrwyr amaethyddiaeth a milfeddygaeth ar Fferm Goldsland, Gwenfô. I rywun sy’n honni nad yw’n ‘rhyw lawer o berson pobl’, mae ei hangerdd dros ganfod ffyrdd i estyn allan i ddefnyddwyr yn rhyfeddol – fel siarad yn fyw gyda Chris Evans ar ei sioe frecwast ar Radio 2! Dyma ei stori am gymryd rhan ym menter Dydd Sul Fferm Agored LEAF am y tro cyntaf...

Jeremy Durrant, E W Davies Farms Ltd, Essex

Jeremy Durrant manages E W Davies Farms Ltd, a 1300 hectare family owned arable business based in Essex and specialising in contract farming, growing a range of combinable crops as well as a flock of Polled Dorset sheep. As both a LEAF Demonstration Farm and a LEAF Marque certified business, Jeremy is proud to showcase how he is combining profitable farming with environmental care.

Rob and Alec Mercer, Packington Pork, Staffordshire

Packington Pork is one of the leading large-scale free-range pig businesses in the UK. Based just outside Lichfield in Staffordshire, the farm has held a LEAF Open Farm Sunday event for the last four years. Managing Director, Rob Mercer, tells us more about their event and how LEAF Open Farm Sunday is helping to raise the profile of the pig industry and encourage a new generation of farmers into the sector.

Simon Day, Worth Farms, South Lincolnshire

Simon Day is Farm Manager at Worth Farms in Holbeach Marsh, South Lincolnshire, an all arable farm growing potatoes, vining peas, wheat, sugar beet, brassicas, salads and energy crops. As a LEAF Demonstration Farm, they have a long commitment of reaching out to the general public and promoting British agriculture and have been involved in LEAF Open Farm Sunday since it started in 2006. Simon shares his experiences in running a large event and explains the value of Open Farm Sunday in building community relations and raising the profile of the farming industry...

Mark Coulman, Hall Farm, Lincolnshire

Mark Coulman runs Hall Farm, a 235 hectare enterprise near Eastoft in Lincolnshire. It holds 2,000 fattening pigs as well as a number of alpacas and chickens. A variety of crops are also grown including winter wheat, sugar beet, potatoes and oilseed rape. The farm is also run as a care farm and education facility. Mark tells us about his first LEAF Open Farm Sunday event in 2017.

William Church, The Jersey Royal Company, Jersey

The Jersey Royal Company and its predecessors has been established for over 25 years, growing, packing and supplying the internationally recognised and protected Jersey Royal new potato to a wide number of retailers in the UK. Farming around 8,300 vergées (1,600 ha) annually across 1,500 fields, and employing around 450 staff, they produce and pack approximately 20,000 tonnes per year. They have opened for LEAF Open Farm Sunday since 2016 and here, William Church, Sales and Marketing Director, explains the reasons why they got involved in LEAF Open Farm Sunday and the benefits it has brought…

Tom Martin, G Martin & Sons, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Tom runs a mixed sheep and arable farm set in and around the beautiful Cambridgeshire village of Haddon, near Peterborough. He and his wife, Lisa are passionate about the local community and showing people what happens the other side of the farm gate throughout the year. They have pioneered a new approach to linking up farmers with schools called ‘Farmer Time’. Tom took part in Open Farm Sunday for the first time in 2017, here he explains more about his event and how it is all part of his determination to connect people with their food and how it is produced.

Jane and Adam Mason, Lyne Mhor Croft, near Gorthleck

Lyne Mhor Croft near Gorthleck, 22 miles north of Inverness is run by Jane Mason and her husband, Adam, with their focus on producing and promoting “farm to fork” produce from their rare breed animals. First opening their gates for LEAF Open Farm Sunday in 2016, the small croft stretches no further than three and a half acres and Jane tells us why no farm is too big, or, in this case too small to open their gates and host the event.

Video: Matthew Naylor, Naylor Flowers, Lincolnshire

Naylor Flowers Ltd is a family farm since 1948 and specialises in cut flowers such as sunflowers, delphiniums, daffodils and sweet williams. Matthew Naylor gives an overview of their event at Naylor Flowers in this video case study.

Video: Alastair Hunter Blair, Weir End Farm, Herefordshire

Weir End Farm is a 500 acre mixed farm in the heart of the beautiful Wye Valley. Alastair Hunter Blair gives an overview of his Open Farm Sunday event at Weir End Farm in this video case study.

Video: Izzy Brown, Sunday Hill Farm, Wiltshire

Sunday Hill Farm is a small pasture farm nestled amongst the many beef and dairy farms in Brinkworth. The farm is carefully managed, with permanent grassland, grazed by their own horses and also cut for hay. Izzy Brown gives an overview of their event at Sunday Hill Farm in this video case study.

Video: Jamie McCoy, Gorwel Farm, Ceredigion, Wales

Jamie McCoy and her partner Deian Evans run Gorwel Farm in Bryngwyn, West Wales. Gorwel is a family farm, milking 170 dairy cows on an autumn calving grass-based system, they have a flock of 150 commercial sheep, and a very small pig enterprise. Jamie also works off the farm for AHDB Dairy supporting dairy farmers to improve business competitiveness and is our LOFS Coordinator for Wales. Here is her story…

Video: Jeremy Padfield, Fosse Farm, Somerset

The Padfield family have an arable and beef farm in Somerset and here Jeremy Padfield gives an overview of their event at Fosse Farm in this video case study.

Video: Hugh Richardson, Wheelbirks, Northumberland

Wheelbirks Farm is dairy farm, home to a 120 strong herd of pedigree Jersey cows. Hugh Richardson gives an overview of their event at Wheelbirks in this video case study.

Video: Caroline Millar, North Balluderon, Dundee, Scotland

Caroline Millar gives an overview of her Open Farm Sunday event at North Balluderon in this video case study. Their farm reaches up to the highest point in the Sidlaw Hills, Craigowl at 455m with beautiful views across Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire. There are two farms next to each other, North Balluderon which is the location of Open Farm Sunday and neighbouring Balkello. North Balluderon is home to our flock of 170 ewes (sheep) and herd of 65 cows from which they produce Scotch lamb and Scotch beef. They also grow malting barley for whisky and wheat for biscuits. Potatoes and fresh peas are also grown.

Video: Naomi Bremner, Schoolhouse Farm, Orkney, Scotland

The Bremner family farm water buffalo and mangalitza pigs in the Orkney Isles. Naomi Bremner gives an overview of their event at Schoolhouse Farm in this video case study.

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