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Well over a quarter of a million people attended LEAF Open Farm Sunday events to show their support for British farming and have a fun, informative family day out.

  • 272,716 visitors attended events
  • 900 photos have been submitted to the LEAF Open Farm Sunday photo competition

Some highlights…

  • “The technology now for milking cows is amazing! I had no idea!”
  • “That all the brussels sprouts grown had already been sold - all 48 acres of them!”
  • “The role of robotic milking, feeding the animals, reproduction of pigs, anatomy of a cow, sheep shearing and price of its coat - it was endless - I learnt so much!!!”
  • “How much LEAF Marque farmers do to help the environment.”
  •  “Some of the equipment is so expensive that it is shared.”
  • “Just how farmers really pull together to make these events as great as they possibly can.”
  • To sum it up in one sentence - a phenomenal and educational day out. Girls and me would come again.”

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