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Open Farm Sunday Bitesize webinars announced

To help famers prepare for Open Farm Sunday 2017, organisers, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has announced a new programme of free webinars, to give farmers ideas, information and tips for inviting the public onto their farms.

These instructional twenty minute webinars will offer both new and experienced host farmers a more interactive and immediate way of preparing to host an Open Farm Sunday event.  A range of topics will be covered including health and safety, activities and publicity.  There will also be focus webinars specifically for farmers opening in Wales and Scotland.  Presenters from LEAF, the team of OFS Regional Co-ordinators and experienced host farmers will contribute their wealth of knowledge and experience to the sessions. All live OFS Bitesize webinars will commence at 1pm, and shortly afterwards will be made available via the Open Farm Sunday website for farmers to view on demand.

OFS Bitesize webinars 2017 programme: Start time: 1pm*



December 2016

Overview of Open Farm Sunday 2017:
Plans, theme and what’s new. View the recording below or here.

Early January 2017

Organisation and Planning:
Top tips. View the recording below or here.

End January 2017

First time OFS hosts:
Information and support for people opening for the first time this year.
View the recording below or click here. For further reading on getting started with LEAF Open Farm Sunday read this blog post by Philip Gorringe.

Early February 2017

The communications toolkit. View the recording below or click here. Read more about publicising your Open Farm Sunday event here.

End February 2017

Focus on Scotland:
Specific information and top tips for Scottish Open Farm Sunday host farmers. Click here or view recording below.

Fri, 10th Mar 2017

Making it Memorable:
Activity ideas and resources. Register here.

Thu, 1st Jun 2017

Media update and last minute Q&A. 
Register here.

* Please note all webinar details above are subject to change.

Annabel Shackleton, LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday Manager said, “We’re delighted to be offering these new free webinars for farmers. There is so much inspiration and experience amongst our co-ordinators and experienced host farmers, so these webinars offer a great platform to share this expertise and provide an easy and interactive way for farmers to engage with the OFS team directly and get a head start on their planning to ensure maximum success for Open Farm Sunday 2017. We’d like to invite everyone, whether they have opened before or are thinking about opening for the first time on 11th June 2017, to join us for our OFS Bitesize webinars.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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